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" Making fancy ironwork is not so hard, making pieces that belong is important to me and it is this that I find is the challenge and have a passion for. Statement pieces are good. Understatement is better, but must always be of the highest quality of workmanship ".

Rather than adhere to a particular style, Jos designs to suit each individual space to create pieces that fit in with their surroundings. 


Jos grew up in Italy returning to study in the UK until his mid twenties. After university he returned to Italy where he worked for the family business and at 28 he ran away to London and worked as an apprentice for a well known and highly regarded blacksmith as a first step on his plan to become a furniture maker and designer. 


The versatility and feel one can get from steel grabbed him immediately and, although he is well versed in working with wood, stone and glass it is steel that makes most of his creations possible.  


In 1999 he opened his own workshop on the edge of the Cotswolds and has since designed, created and installed a whole plethora of pieces for sites all over the UK and in Italy.


He has many repeat clients who use his talents for design and construction techniques to make anything from beds to bridges, shop fittings to staircases and even a summer house and small extensions.